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Ad Rem Technology is a French Medical Technology company that specializes in the design and development of innovative medical devices. Since 2004, research and improvement in VEINOPLUS devices has opened new horizons for the use of electro-stimulation for medical vascular insufficiency, back pain and sports applications thanks to its innovative "Second Heart" technology.

VEINOPLUS stimulation is a patented technology for the stimulation of the deep musclemats. The VEINOPLUS technology pushes the boundaries of EMS for a successful use in Venous Insufficiency, Peripheral Arterial Disease, DVT Prevention, Relief of muscle ages and more.

WHY CHOOSE VEINOPLUS?- Unmatched Signal Quality
Thanks to its unique stimulation pattern designed by Dr Jozef Cywinski, one of the world experts in EMS, VEINOPLUS devices offer a widely recognized comfortable stimulation. They are not «me-too» and each signal is specific to its differentiated use and directly designed to bring maximum benefit to the applied muscles. With VEINOPLUS, it is NOW possible to get the best results with electro-stimulation. You can feel the difference.

Because clinical evidence matters, investment in research has always been a strong commitment for Novem Team and our partners, working with international renowned experts. To date, at least 10 studies evaluating VEINOPLUS technology have been published in scientific journals and presented at 49 international congresses.

All our devices are hand-held, easy-to-use and deliver extremely low energy safely to the body (well below International Standards), suitable for most users. We pay a particular attention to safety and our best-selling product VEINOPLUS VI is even clinically approved for safe use during pregnancy**.
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* EMS = ElectroMyoStimulation **Please follow device instructions closely

Novem Healthcare Pte Ltd is the exclusive distributor of Veinoplus products in Singapore