5 methods for neck pain relief

5 methods to relief your neck pain

Neck pain is a very common condition among Singaporean adults. Prolong bad postures and overloading computer hours are among the factors that lead to shoulder and neck pain. There are a number of treatments and remedies available for neck pain, today we are going to share 5 methods you can use at home.

Essential Oils

Essential oils has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe sore muscles. Essentials oil also help in relieving stress and anxiety can also help in easing physical tension and is also useful in reducing stress and can be used to reduce neck pain.

Ice Pack

Ice helps to reduce inflammation in your muscles after vigorous activity & sprains too. Applying an ice pack enables the flow of cooled blood back to the sore muscles in the neck which indirectly help to ease your neck pain.

Vitamin supplements

If you experience frequent neck pain, you need nerve food/supplements.

You can take Vitamin B Complex which helps in nourishing your nerve or you can get ALA, Alpha lipoic acid combi with Vitamin B complex to combat the pain and reduces inflammation of both neuropathic origin.


Strengthening exercises rely on adding load on your muscles progressively, making them stronger and more flexible. Exercise can help in relieving neck pain and make the neck flexible and strong, apart from reducing stiffness

NMES & TENS home devices

NMES and TENS technology helps in reductions of pain markers at 25%-30%. You can read more about the home device here and the evidence of Veinoplus back device. Alternatively, you can purchase such item easily at Lazada here too.
"What really turned me over was this Veinoplus back device, i use it daily and it takes away the stiff and aching shoulder/neck pain i had for months in front of my computer."
John Doe

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