What is VEINOPLUS ® V.I. Technology ?

Calf muscles are considered as a peripheral heart: the Second Heart®.

Who can use VEINOPLUS® V.I. ?

VEINOPLUS® V.I. relieves symptoms and improves quality of life of people suffering from Venous Insufficiency (VI). The use of VEINOPLUS® V.I. is also recommended for preventing venous risks in the following situations:

  • Presence of varicose veins,
  • Prolonged sitting or standing (office, long haul travel, standing jobs…),
  • Lack of physical activity (walking), leg immobilisation,
  • Excessive weight,

Why use VEINOPLUS® V.I.?

VEINOPLUS® V.I. is recommended for:

  • Increase of blood circulation,
  • Improvement of venous return,
  • Reduction of venous stasis,
  • Reduction of pain sensations in legs,
  • Reduction of leg swelling (oedema), of venous origin

VEINOPLUS® V.I. is NOT RECOMMENDED for people with pacemakers. Do not use VEINOPLUS® V.I. when using an electrical device or driving a car. Keep out of reach of children