5 home remedies for upper and middle back pain

5 home methods for Upper and Middle Back Pain

Do rotation Stretches while sitting down.

Raise your hand above your head and place it across your body onto the opposite side. Hold it for 10-20 seconds and vice versa.

Do Supported Back Stretch with rolled up towel.

Place towel behind your back and on your tailbone. Lie backwards and hold it for a couple of minutes.

Do a cat or dog pose.

Knee yourself on all fours with shoulders over your hands. Breathe in and exhale as you curve your spine upwards and look downwards the round. Repeat reps for 10 times.

Perform superman stretch

This can be done on your stomach with arms placed near your rib cage. Stretch upwards and repeat this motion 8 times.


NMES and TENS technology helps in reductions of pain markers at 25%-30%.

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