How To Use

1. Ensure VEINOPLUS® V.I. is off and nothing appears on the screen.

2. Place both electrodes on one calf or one electrode on each calf if both legs are affected (painful or swollen).

3. Connect the electrodes.

4. Turn VEINOPLUS® V.I. on by pressing the button on the center "O".

5. Press and hold the "+" button until you feel faint vibrations in the calves.

6. Gradually increase the intensity by briefly pressing the "+" button until you see and feel the deep contractions of the calves.

7. If the contractions become too strong and/or uncomfortable, you can reduce the intensity by briefly pressing the button "-".

8. VEINOPLUS® V.I. will automatically shut off after 30 minutes of treatment. Remove the electrodes by pulling them gently as shown in the photos, to avoid tearing the hair. Replace the electrodes on the plastic shields (on the "ON" face) and store them in the sealed bag provided for that purpose.

When to Use VEINOPLUS® V.I.

  • Every day, preferably in the evening or in case of painful or swollen legs.
  • Especially recommended for air travel or within 7 days of air travel.
  • Can be used as many times as needed, no risk of overuse.
  • An internal timer stops automatically the device after 30 minutes.