Veinoplus VI FAQ

  • How does VEINOPLUS® work?

    VEINOPLUS® is a medical electrical muscle stimulator (CE mark, Class IIa) that delivers specific low frequency and low voltage stimulation impulses. The rates of stimulated muscle pulsations caused by these impulses, range from 60 to 105 beats-per-minute and mimic natural heart rates.
  • Is the VEINOPLUS® technology safe?

    VEINOPLUS® stimulator is one of the safest on the market. The impulses from VEINOPLUS® carry very low quantity of electricity. This quantity is below any international safety standards including United States AAMI/ANSI NS-4 Standard.
  • What are the contra-indications of VEINOPLUS®?

    VEINOPLUS® is contra-indicated for people with cardiac pacemakers.
  • Is VEINOPLUS® efficiency clinically proven?

    Many clinical studies realized in France, in the USA and in Russia proved the efficiency of VEINOPLUS® in different symptoms of venous disease.
  • Can VEINOPLUS® be used in complementary to compression?

    VEINOPLUS® has a complementary action to compression. VEINOPLUS® relieves pain almost immediately. VEINOPLUS® can be a useful alternative to compression especially when wearing socks or stockings is difficult (summer period, excess weight etc.). Follow the recommendations of your doctor in terms of compression.
  • Can VEINOPLUS® be used in pregnant women?

    A medical study made in France has proven on the one hand the safety for the mother and the fetus and on the other hand the efficacy of VEINOPLUS® treatment during pregnancy (see VEINOPLUS® and pregnancy-related IV.
  • Can VEINOPLUS® be used in overweight patients?

    A clinical study made in the USA of overweight patients (BMI>25) proved the efficacy of VEINOPLUS® in venous disease symptoms.
  • Can VEINOPLUS® be used in patients with metallic implants?

    There is no contra-indication to the use of VEINOPLUS® in patients with metallic implants.
  • Can VEINOPLUS® be used in patients with multiple sclerosis?

    VEINOPLUS® is indicated in case of venous disease in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. In case of advanced multiple sclerosis, signal might be ineffective.
  • How to use VEINOPLUS® if I feel pain only in one leg / I suffer from unilateral symptoms

    In the case of unilateral symptoms, apply both electrodes on the same calf.
  • What kind of battery can I use?

    Use only alkaline or rechargeable 9V batteries type 6LR61 (or equivalent e.g. 6LF22, AM6, MN1604 or GP1604.
  • When should I change the electrodes?

    Used electrodes should be replaced as soon as they become dry or are no longer adhesive, generally after 20 to 30 usages
  • What about maintenance and warranty?


    VEINOPLUS does not require maintenance or special settings. If necessary, use alcohol wipes to clean the device. The cable supplied with VEINOPLUS can be replaced, if necessary, through your local VEINOPLUS distributor . The after sales service is provided by Ad Rem Technology or its authorized agents.


    VEINOPLUS is guaranteed 12 months against any manufacturing defect except for battery, broken glass, normal wear of electrodes, damage due to improper use and interventions on VEINOPLUS by unauthorized third parties.

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    • VEINOPLUS did not generate excessive electromagnetic interference (EMI), when tested according to the norm: EN 60601-1-2: 2001. The device can be used during flight except during takeoff and landing.
    • VEINOPLUS is not intended for use in sterile environments or in presence of functioning electro-surgery devices.
    • VEINOPLUS and its accessories should be stored/transported at temperatures between +5 and +25°C and relative humidity (RH) between 35-50%
    • VEINOPLUS devices must be disposed of in accordance with environnemental laws.